The hook of the day…

Surrender to Love!  Yes the last blog was about Loving Yourself… but to do that, you need to surrender to Love!  Surrender all the anger, frustration, control, judgment, jealousy, competition, hatred etc. no matter how much you want to justify your reaction…surrender it.  It’s your reaction that matters!  It’s your reaction that can change things!  Your reaction is a mirror to what you are holding onto, what your all about!

Your reaction is the beginning to discovering what is really going on with YOU.  It is the catalyst to choosing the old way or a new way…Love.  A Love that in the end, will be compassionate and kind. Isn’t that what really matters??  Why is it so necessary to be right or to fight what you think is yours or think is right?  Does that really matter??

It doesn’t really matter! What this means is your only fighting with yourself! And do you really want to be doing this anymore?? When you realize that the only thing holding you back for receiving abundance, happiness or whatever it is that you want… lies within you and not outside of you…you realize its time to change!

Loving others and loving yourself!

The FIGHT is really happening inside you and you pull others into your fight!  Someone will be in your life to show you what’s going on, whether it be the current person or if you leave them and go onto the next person.. yet all the same program and process.

The blocks within are what is blocking things from happening for you not someone else in your way. Find the blocks, become aware of the patterns, acknowledge and accept the block and then most importantly, Surrender the block!

Blaming someone for your destiny and circumstances is a waste of time and quite honesty ignorant. The person your fighting with is purposely there to show you what you’re doing within!  That the fight with others, is really unnecessary and unproductive.

SO stop fighting the wrong fight!  The real fight is within you! Fighting for your own freedom of the pain that keeps repeating itself!  This pain will continue to repeat unless you take action and choose to be different in your reactions!

Reactions only perpetuate the same experiences over and over again. With or without the same persons.  To get off the roller coaster ride or jump off the wagon wheel you need to take action and stop the program from running!

So why not learn NOW!  Stop look at the situation, let go of control and surrender!

Surrender back to Love and let the flow begin!  Holding no importance on the reaction that was there and is now moving out! Holding no expectations on the outcome but wait with patience as things fall into a new place of LOVES reaction.

This is the new way to live! A life of joy and abundance, only created, by the love, joy and abundance that we have created for ourselves within.  We are that with what we are and if we have anger, frustration, jealousy, competition, control, hatred and judgment inside of us and in our reactions then that is what we are creating for ourselves and experiencing over and over again!

To change is to change what we allow in our bodies, in our fields and to take back what is rightfully and truthfully ours…Love.  To be this expression first and foremost!

The hook, Stop fighting!

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