The hook of the day…

Love yourself!  Love yourself to the ends of the earth and to the highest degree! Make this an ongoing learning for you on journey here in life.  Because and not only… The love you hold for yourself and to yourself… is the same love that you project out and see in others!

By loving yourself you see judgment etc. in each moment…and therefore having the freedom to choose in each moment… to allow it to move out and let love in!

To find true love is to love yourself wholeheartedly, without judgment, questioning or comparing.  It is here for everyone who wants it and my hope for you is that you do indeed want Love as I know you deeply do!

Here is a poem I wrote to sum things up quickly!

Love Withstanding

Love is Love
All abounding and true
Free from constriction
Free to Live

With all the bounty
Boundless it must be
For confining Love
Can be as fruitless as can be

For love is unending
It loves without wanting
Giving to all with no need
It’s free to express and just be

Why oh why how we want Love
Its here for all to have
Just be and listen
And it’s yours to Love

The love is waiting for you
Go deep within and be
Receive the Love you have
So you can be the Love you are

This love withstanding
Is here forevermore
Yours to grab, to be and have
Be this and this only…Love
                               By Kelly Kurek

To be Love is yours to have and all you have to do is grab it, be it and accept this truth!  You can choose daily what you want and that is to Love, I pray!  Be love in all your encounters and through all your journey.  This love is kindness and appreciation for all…unending and boundless.  It is for all… you just have to choose it!

Much blessing to you on your journey and much hope for you to find, grab and be Love!

The hook, Love is yours!

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