The hook of the day…
Breathe:)) Taking time to smell the roses and step back from your daily schedule to remember why you are there and what is really happening in the moment can be a relief. Each moment can be informative, taking you to a space of truth for yourself, if you take the time to breathe! Sometimes we get so caught of in our schedule of what to do or driving around thinking we need to get there sooner that we forget to breathe, relax and reflect!
It’s in the Journey where life… lives, not in the Destination!
We really have nowhere to go but to BE most of the time anyway.  If we listen to this fact we can take it slower and really live in each moment.  If we are being then we are directed and guided on where to go and have more stillness to move through life as needed.  We also will get to where we need to go with no hassles.
Its when we are busy we have hassles most of the time!
It is amazing when we take these moments to be quiet and breathe that we can get connected and receive what we need in the moment.  Either to release, slow down, do something different and be redirected in your schedule or to just get connected with you in the moment!  There is nothing in life greater then being present in each and every part of your day!
Usually it is the anxiety that is running and leading you into a busy schedule.  Because if you slowed down you would feel this anxiety and out of fear you would direct yourself to get busy again so you do not feel the anxiety anymore.  What you need to do in this moment is sit with your anxiety and know that it is not truth or really real.  That you may be feeling it in the moment but if you let it go and move out of your body it will go away.  You might have waves of the anxiety but over time it will completely release.
Knowing this fact about the anxiety… stops it from controlling you!
Right now your anxiety has full control of your actions…it will not allow you to be still or slow down which is more natural for you then living busy.  The fact that it is more normal for you to BE, be still can only be discovered once you go deeper within, let go of some of the anxiety and find a deeper place within yourself that is quiet and slower!
If you really take the time to focus on your breath, you will not be focusing on anything else.  It brings an immediate halt to anything that may have been going on.  Which is a good thing!  Most likely the race was going on!!!  Stillness was at bay and your mind was probably on alert and racing as well! 

Most of the time when you are busy… you are already thinking of the next thing you need to be doing.  Causing your self to continue to be busy!  This is not being in the moment:)
All this is made possible by breathing!  
If you take the time to breathe…noticing that you may be holding your breath as you race through life will cause you to slow down and reflect in the moment and your breathe will help release anything that may be on the surface.  You will also be more aware of your mind…if it is racing, where it is leading you next and see that it to needs to slow down!
It can be amazing to see what is going on within you once you slow down enough to really be quiet and still.  First off you will be more in the moment when you are driving which is a good thing! But it also puts you in the moment of each breath of your life!  What more can each of us ask for… then to really be present with each moment and to breath, let go and live?

The hook, Breathing slows you down!

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