The hook of the day…

Truth is the correct response! Being truthful is the best thing you can do, not only for others, but is more for your self.  Truthfulness is very important for each one of us!  This will be very rewarding when you start to realize and discover truth about yourself and be truthful in all responses and interactions.

Being truthful is the answer!

Lies keep you stuck in a story and in a repetitive elaboration of continuing the story.  This is true if its only to yourself or if it’s to others!  There’s no way out of a lie until you tell the truth.  The truth will set you free…a true statement because once you lie you are kept captive by yourself with haunting quilt and messages that something is wrong.

Most of the time we would like to just forget or ignore what is there and not be truthful with what is real.  Thinking…What’s wrong with a little white lie?? OR Sometimes lies are better for others because if they knew what really happened it would really hurt them. Or if its to yourself its hard for you to face important facts about yourself to change. BUT it is important to be real… to be truthful! Looking at yourself truthfully is a reflection out into the world and how you relate to it as well.

If you lie out into the world, you most likely are lying to yourself and vice versa!

Usually and most accurately being truthful first starts with you and then projects outward.  We are the creators of our experiences and life… so if there are lies in your life take a look at what you’re NOT looking at within.  There must be something there!  And then take action to clear up the lie and recognize when you find yourself in the position of doing another lie.  Watch what its about and what’s there and why you find yourself lying again.

Lying is like judgement…judgement upon yourself!  When you are not truthful you are not liking what you might find underneath within yourself, so you have to lie about it and the things in your life. I guess you can call it a cover story…for instance…

Sometimes we lie to make ourselves feel better and to hide from what is really REAL. Telling stories and creating things that are not truthful for yourself but what you might like to see and do. This can go on and on.  You could create a whole life around something that is not truthful for yourself and therefore creating lies because what you are creating sounds better to you!

Its time to get REAL and TRUTHFUL!

Eventually this needs to come to an end and truth needs to come out. Being real and finding what is your truth is the best answer.  To really discover what is there and what you are about underneath the lies and dishonesty. Because you are ultimately lying to yourself if you find yourself telling lies in your life!

The hook, Be Honestly Real!

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