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Relief from Mind Chatter!  What, what’s mind chatter?:) You know those dialogues in your head telling you to do this and that or the annoying statements that get repeated! This is something I think everyone struggles from to some extend and is worse for others.  If we didn’t have mind chatter on the planet it would be a more peaceful place collectively to reside then it is right now.  Our own mind chatter creates chaos leading to less peace!

Yes… we ourselves and I create the non peaceful environment for ourselves and for others on the planet by the perpetual mind chatter.  And to stop it you have to be vigilant and persistent to not let it run, practice chi gong and other disciplines that encourage stillness. One cannot just wish it away, but take responsibility for the action and choose to stop.  It may take some time to reprogram yourself but stick with it, it will get better.

Its tough sometimes to deal with because as you clear off the layers you will find the repeat processes of clearing off the same stuff just on a deeper level until it completely shifts. So one can clear off 10 layers or more before it completely changes! Hang in there because the goal is to bring you into a new level of awareness and living on the planet…one without chatter, chaos and worry!  You will be living from a higher perspective, a higher level of creation ultimately where mind chatter doesn’t exist! It is completely possible to live without all the chaos and mind chatter…a true fact.

You have to be ready to change and done with the mind running all the time!

Usually what I have seen is that it is first FEAR that comes up to clear and if the fear isn’t caught… then the mind tries to figure it out or creates worry and analytical behaviors.  These worry episodes and analytical tendencies can go on and on!  You may also find yourself drawing others into your party of worry and trying to figure something out, calling whom ever will listen to you!  This usually makes things worse because really what needs to happen is surrender!  Surrender the whole behavior pattern.:)  It can take some time to get that point!  Because ultimately this pattern lives on a lower level of consciousness and one cannot rise out of it until you realize this fact!  So coming out of fear is again important because…it usually is what drives the mind chatter!

Another key point is that the mind functions on habits and will repeat itself over and over again.  You may find yourself asking, ” why am I doing this again?” or “didn’t I surrender this already?”.  Will you probably did but the mind isn’t smart when it comes to constructive thinking.  It is habitual and repeats patterns and thats all it does! Think about neurolinguistic programming.  The mind or brain has neurological pathways, you know all the grooves in your brain, they are pathways of behavioral patterns, mind chatter etc.!  To break these you have to stop yourself and reprogram by doing a different action immediately… to replace it, of course picking a healthier option of replacement!!  If you have been doing the same thing for some time be patient with yourself! This may have to be done over and over again.

Again, hang in there…you are on your way to a peaceful state with less chaos and collectively you are changing things here on the planet.

This is truly a different way of living on the planet.  It is much more peaceful, connected and fulfilling.  It doesn’t have all the fear based programs that involve worry, panic, anxiety, etc. but it does have a knowing that overrides all fear, an awareness that abates worry and anxiety and a connection that is directed by your heart.  This higher level of consciousness without mind chatter is a way of listening and connecting that cuts these old patterns, programs and chaos right out of your life.  These old ways cannot go with you to this higher consciousness!

Everything works together… as you go through the process and surrender, you are changing your ways and reprogramming yourself.  As you stop the old ways… the new consciousness is coming in to show you a different way of living here.  A much more peaceful way:)

Healing hook, choose peace and be patient:)

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