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Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real! Remember this fact about fear as you travel through your journey in life.  It’s very easy to fall into the traps of fear that spiral into old behavior patterns and into mind chatter scurrying around to try to find a way out of the fear! But all we need to do and remember is that… Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real and then… let the whole thought go!!!

Might sound easier said then done BUT it is possible and easier then you think. And this is so if you remember that it is true and real that you do not have to live in fear!  That fear is just an illusion and you have bought into it!  There’s a book I read way back when that helps to define fear and how unnecessary it is to believe in and to live it!  The book is called, FEAR No Longer Afraid by June Hunt.  If you find yourself battling with fear it is definitely worth the read. Its a very short easy book to read!

The other factor that will be helpful while coming out of a fear based life is to BE STILL!  This will help you to see what is REAL and to get DIRECTIVES and to SURRENDER what is FALSE.  When we are too busy… the mind will go and spin you into a doing… this will keep you busy and not focused on what is real but distracting you from what is real! This is important to do when you are shifting in this manner!  You have to be still.

Coming out of fear is about looking at it from a place of NO FEAR!  In other words stay neutral and go into the areas in your life that are fearful and process them to a place where there is NO MORE FEAR!  This will happen over and over again until it completely shifts.  So try not to get discouraged if you find more fear there.  But each time you come across fear let it go until it is gone!  Going into fear isn’t as bad as it seems because once you go there you see what it truly is about and that it is FALSE!

The opposite of FEAR is LOVE!  Why not choose love? Switch your thoughts and process to LOVE and choose it in your daily life as you are processing through all the FEAR based programs that have been created over time!  You can choose in any given moment what you want to live!  And if you fall into the traps of Fear based living you will create more of it for yourself!! If you choose love you are on the path of releasing all the Fear based patterns and into living the life that creates more experiences of Love based programs!  You can do this!! It is possible to come out of Fear based living!  Do it you won’t be sorry:)

Healing Hook, Why not choose LOVE?

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