The hook of the day…

You are not alone!  Feeling lost can be a very common feeling of uneasiness.  It can be unnerving when we feel lost or unloved.  This can cause us to create many lessons for ourselves. If we think we are alone we tend to look outside ourselves for an understanding and ways to feel loved and nurtured.

What are your behavior patterns telling you?

What we tend to do is set up a series of patterns and behaviors to create not feeling alone.  They can stem from many different avenues and creations and depends on the individual and their situation. Each of us being unique and individualistic in our perspectives and visions of how things shall be… we will create an equally individualistic behavior pattern to not feel alone!

The good news is we are not alone ever!

It is best to not look outwards in any circumstance or situation.  By doing this we continue to be on a life path of lessons and consequences.  We won’t be able to see the situation for what it is and we continue to create the same behavior.  Sometimes making things worse by creating more density with the same behavior or worse yet creating more patterns on top of each other!

Once you realize this one clear fact that you are not alone it can be life changing.

But if we go within ourselves we find truth and understanding and realize we are not alone.  In fact, what we are looking for will be answered.  We will discover the patterns that are keeping us stuck in feeling lonely.  Sometimes these patterns can be intertwined and confusing but are well worth investigating and letting them go!

What we really do is live outwards but what we need to do is live inwards!! That truly is the answer!

Going within to see what is there you realize that your guides, self and support group are all there for you!  More so then you would ever think! This is where we truly find fulfillment and happiness.  This is where we do not feel lonely!  This is where you will feel whole!

Again this is where we do NOT feel lonely!!  By realizing you found yourself!!!

You can NEVER SATISFY yourself completely by looking outwards.  You may for a moment but then the feeling of loneliness reappears!  The only way to truly NOT feel lonely is to go within and realize you were cared for all along… you were just looking in all the wrong places!  And worse yet creating ways to feel whole, loved and NOT lonely! And therefore staying in patterns of loneliness!

You are your own answer to not being lonely!

Reconnection with self is the answer and no other way will get you feeling loved and not lonely. It is this fact only, that we are not connected to ourselves, that we feel lonely.  When not connected it sends you on a tailspin looking for ways to feel full and whole and not lonely!  Looking any other place then within, only creates more patterns, circumstances and lessons:)

The hook, change your perspective on loneliness!

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