Hook of the day…

Staying Positive!  Its important to look at things with optimism and opportunity.  Keep focused on the goodness in your life and walk through the trials and tribulations without letting them get you down. Instead remember you are more then that situation and see what there is to learn in the circumstance and live embracing life!

If you do not LOVE yourself, then you will feel inadequacy, hatred, jealousy and a host of other emotions!

Once we fall into the doom and gloom that is what you start to create!  And soon thereafter you will once again experience the same emotions and circumstances maybe a different situation but same story! So if you want abundance joy happiness and grace be good to yourself, stay positive, treat yourself well.  Mostly watch the dialogues in your mind and actions you take when things get rough and overwhelming.

We are not always going to have a great day and things move smoothly and gracefully but we can choose how to treat others and react to any situation and circumstance.  It is always best to BE KIND. Walking through what is in front of you with peace, you can experience what is in front of you observing and learning everything there is to learn.

We are only here to journey through lessons and experiences so why not embrace them!

This isn’t always an easy task but well worth the fight to no longer believe in the dialogues that tell you are no good, make you feel inadequate and definitely are not motivating.  They keep you from feeling like you can do anything, show you how others are better then you and reconfirm things are never going to change!

But when this type of behavior starts and you stay positive, do things that are uplifting and stop the dialogues in your mind as soon as you hear them… you can get through this part of your life and move on to bigger and better things.  Start to create a new path for yourself full of joy happiness and bliss.  Things you couldn’t imagine! Better then ever imagine! Because this is what we are to be, we are to be everything that we can possibly be in our highest good! This is available to everyone, you just have to take action and stay positive!

Love yourself first and foremost and welcome those who love you too!

ONLY you can do this for yourself!  Of course support from others is nice and helpful but for this to truly and successfully work for yourself you need to do this within for yourself only!! You are the creator of your experiences remember this fact! If you do not like the dialogues in your mind, a situation or circumstance… take the necessary actions to make things better… you can start by being positive and treating yourself well!

The hook, pick yourself up!

Kelly Kurek
Diversified Natural Health


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