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Live your life! When we let fear get in the way of completely and fully living your lives we stand in the way of possibilities, your life path, creation and create STAGNICITY.  Stagnicity of life seems to create in the lymphatic system where there is literally no movement and sometimes complete shutdown! No flow what so ever within the fluid system of the body! This means a system back up in the kidneys and liver. When detoxing this out you will want to support and supplement the areas where your body is being affected.  This will be different for everyone but usually the kidney and lymphatic system would be helpful detoxes.

When this happens you need to find someone who knows how to do lymphatic drainage sessions! Go to these appointments regularly! You will find when you go, the whole body flows and starts moving and this shows up in your world as well.  You will find yourself venturing into areas that used to only live in the dreams of your mind! You will start to see these thoughts actually creating in the world, in your life! How amazing is that:)

You can determine if you have stagnicity if you find that you have a hard time motivating yourself and hear dialoguing around not wanting to do anything and feeling like your dragging an anchor as you try to do something.  My advice would be to do whatever you can to get moving and stay moving… allowing this stagnicity to break up and dissipate.  It will happen over time as you process through all the fear and emotions that were keeping you stuck there in the first place!

When you are living… it is a beautiful thing! You are experiencing and traveling down the path of discovery and excitement.  You learn more about yourself, you meet new people, you build your own resources, you become stronger and more confident and you actually start believing in your self again deep deep down within!

Not living is like death!  There is NO LIFE but usually drinking, shopping, arguing, blaming and literally no excitement! It is what some may call HELL. There is disappointment, despair, torment and alike.  You create more disappointment, despair etc. for yourself because usually you feel no way out and your thoughts start creating more of the same experiences.

Noticing that your thoughts create your experiences is huge.  When those who focus on success, confidence and bliss they continually create MORE OF this for themselves.  When you create thoughts from fear you live these emotions and experiences and they can be really stagnating.  There is no life there, REALLY! Its like your dragging through life waiting for the next day. Drudging and complaining and hoping it gets better!

So why not take the plunge, the first step to moving again… if you find that your in a stagnant place. Call and make your lymphatic drainage appt. get things moving physically and process through all those thoughts, actions and disappointments that you continually repeat in your mind and free yourself up to once again live.  Live your life fully, completely and blissfully.

We will have disappointments even in life as we are living, but we will have a different perspective on them and move on!  We will be able to stay detached while riding the wave of the emotion process, moving through it quickly and stay focused on believing, truth and living!

The hook, LIVE!

Kelly Kurek
Diversified Natural Health

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