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Freedom from Confusion!  When we travel into new depths of self we unravel new territory that includes confusion, confusion only until we understand completely what is going on. If you find that you have been in confusion for some time, go deeper within and determine what is truly causing this confusion.

CONFUSION can come from a series of decisions, and not being able to make one.  Having indecisiveness and wavering back and forth is mostly derived in fear of making a mistake with your decision, a mistake which commonly follows with either beating yourself up over it or having trouble forgiving yourself and then possibly believing its is not possible to forgive at all.  This is the cycle that feeds and continues the process of confusion!

First thing to notice is to stop beating up on yourself when you do make a mistake!

Beating up on ourselves can keep you STUCK in this cycle of not feeling adequate to making a decision leading to more insecurity and fear. Insecurity and Fear can be paralyzing leading to a stagnant life. This is something you need to pierce through and hurdle into a new way of doing things!  Find ways of breaking the old pattern of making decisions and being stuck in fear.  Realizing everyone makes mistakes both large and small but not everyone lets that get into their way of discovering and living.

There is a deeper understanding here for each and everyone, every time a mistake is made.  Each decision brings us closer to who we truly are underneath and mistakes allow us to find out more of what we don’t want and what were all about.  MAKING A MISTAKE can be very motivating, exhilarating and full of discovery.

By allowing ourselves to make a decision and we let go of feeling like your going to make a mistake, seeing that each decision is only bringing us closer to ourselves and what we like, this is when we can without hesitancy not beat ourselves up and this is the key to living without fear!

Remember we are here to learn anyway so why are we so hard on ourselves?

Picking one of the options in front of you is one of the best decisions you can make… whether it has positive or negative results always love yourself with your decision and without hesitancy be good to yourself with whatever is the outcome of your decision provides.

Doing nothing delivers stagnicity and procrastination which stops personal growth and discovery! When doing this you are not truly living and embracing everything life has to offer you! This is a typical response to confusion and fear… to stop in our tracks and do nothing because we really do not know where to go!  This is when you really need to buckle down and get quiet. Let go of the fear, confusion and make one of the choices in front of you!  ONLY then will you discover what you like and don’t like and learn more about yourself!  MISTAKE OR NOT!

Why then beat ourselves up?  Fear to make future decisions??  All this does is cause confusion!

When we fail to remember we are here to learn anyway we can tend to live in fear of making a mistake and be in a state of confusion… afraid to live!  So why be so hard on ourselves??  How better to learn then to make decisions, allow ourselves to make mistakes, live and move on!

When we are not listening to our inner most truth it is hard to not feel like you made a mistake or not be confused.  This is a constant rediscovering of ourselves as we travel through the journey of our lives. That is why it is important to always go deeper within.  In each phase of growth we may experience a little bit more about ourselves. So be good to yourself!

It takes time to get to that inner voice of your truth but you can only connect with it truly by making decisions and possibly mistakes.

Sometimes the mistakes we make are larger then others and this is when you really need to buckle down and NOT beat yourself up, remembering this is a journey of discovery and change and this to can and will change!  Nothing ever stays the same and this is a gift! So move on and heal from the mistake and make changes to listening to that inner voice that does NOT want to do you any harm but is looking out for your best good!

Better choices come with experience of going out there and making a decision!

Piercing through the muck of confusion and getting to that clarity of a decision can be cumbersome but is will worth the path!  Sometimes we need to make mistakes to see where we truly are, who we truly are, what we like, dislike and what are inner voice is saying.

Try not to let fear of making a mistake get in your way of living and experimenting and always try to choose the best choice for you! 

The hook, make mistakes and lighten up on confusion!

Kelly Kurek
Diversified Natural Health

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