Clinical Testing

Testing with an Electro Dermal Analysis Iridology Auriculotherapy Homeopathy Homotoxicology and Nutrition.

Phone Session

Many times when changing and going deeper within you can get stuck or need assistance, these phone sessions which can be done in person as well help you discover what is there blocking you or acknowledge the patterns that are stopping you.

Products Available

I used licensed professional products such as Metagenics, Marco Pharma, HVS, HTPI, Guna, Systemic Formulas to name a few.

Licensed Homeopath

I am a graduate of the Institute of Natural Health Sciences with two diplomas one in Homeopathy and the other in Bioenergetics.  I followed that up with a Masters in Natural Health Sciences from the University of Albuquerque and a few years of clinical internship.  Currently looking forward to working on my phD.

Certified Health Consultant

I am a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition becoming certified as a health consultant with knowledge on the fundamentals and history of nutrition.

Next Steps...

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