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Welcome to Diversified Natural Health where we look at the whole body including mind and spirit when testing and recommending supplementation. Its about the person you are on the inside that creates the experiences you will have… including your health. By using a variety of modalities a program is designed just for you and your concerns.

Healthy Choices Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Diet Healthy Relationships

Through a variety of modalities such as Homeopathy, Functional Medicine, Iridology, Auriculotherapy, EDA testing, QMRA Testing, Heart Math and Cranial Sacral Therapy a program is designed for you based on your health concerns to address what is imbalanced in your body. 

Using Labs and other forms of testing like GI Map and DUTCH we can dive deeper into what is happening within your body. With detailed support and guidance you will be given the tools you need.
Prevention is key to a healthy life.

Total Gut Restoration


Duration: 3 Months

Join the Total Gut Restoration Program!! If you have been struggling with gut issues like bloating, gas, colitis, chrons, abdominal pains, constipation, and more then this program could help!! The Total Gut Restoration can help increase microbial diversity, lower your levels of pathogen and toxins, lower inflammation help build a thick mucosal barrier and strop epithelial junctions. Some conditions you may have if your gut is disorder could include depression, anxiety, memory loss, leptin resistance, chronic pain, autoimmunity and metabolic syndrome.


This is a self paced program with Facebook SupportStart your TGR anytime by Clicking Here to set up your account at Microbiome Labs (to purchase your kit) to set up your account with Microbiome Lab and purchase your Total Gut Restoration kit! This is a 3 month program!! 

Liver Cleanse

Lose Weight, Have More Energy, Support Detox and a Healthier Lifestyle!

Next Cleanse TBA

Future dates to be announced!

Join the next Quarterly Cleanse!! Cost is the price of supplements, approximately $250, which will give you a little extra. Registration is NOW OPEN!!! Reach out to me to join! I will give you the link to order your supplements for this cleanse and give you the link to join the Facebook Group once supplements are purchased. This is a 10 Day Liver Cleanse!!


A great way to support your body is with a Liver Cleanse. These Liver Cleanses are held with great clean products and a support group is held on Facebook with daily posts. Doing Cleanses are more of a necessity these day with all the toxic exposure. We need to keep our Livers healthy to be healthy!!! If you are feeling sluggish or achy or just plain feel like things aren’t working in your body now might be the time to join in on a Liver Cleanse. 


Hormonal Imbalance?

If you are experiencing hormonal imbalances where you find yourself with PCOS, Infertility and in Menopause then this is the spot!! I love helping women find relief with balanced hormones!!!

Some of the symptoms you might be experiencing include hot flashes, inability to get pregnant, unexpected weight gain/slowed metabolism, low libido, sleep problems, mood changes and more.

Hormones run your life and when they are imbalanced your whole body can be imbalanced.

Stress is sometimes the biggest contributor!! Figuring out what the stressor in your like is and then helping to find healing and balance.

One of the best things you can do is get a DUTCH test to see where your hormone levels are and what imbalances are present. Here is the link to purchase your DUTCH test. dutchtest.com/shop/

Clinical Assessment

I employ a whole body approach applying a variety of natural health modalities to expedite the release, rather the the suppression of ailments. To get to the root cause of the concern and address it. (Testing provides an avenue to determine what is really going on inside and where).

Nutritional Support

What you eat affects you internally, there is no separation. One should eat as close to nature as possible and avoid processed, refined, packaged foods. Eating a richly diverse and colorful diet is healthy, giving your body the nutrients it needs to optimally function. Watch what you eat. Each time you eat ask your self is this feeding my body or harming my body.

Meditations & Workshops

Mindfulness and awareness in every moment is key to taking care of ourselves and being present. Relaxing and Digestion is important for longevity and if we are stuck running around and being over busy and stressed this can’t happen. Offering meditations for relaxation and to go deeper to heal.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a therapy that touches individuals like no other – helping to balance out your body. It works from the sacrum to the cranial areas. Its a hands on light touch technique.


Feel Better


Have More Energy


Increase Longevity


Support Your Body & Heal

About Kelly Kurek


With an interest in longevity, wellbeing and health I began to look for ways to assist my body in natural healing.  I believe there are ways to naturally live and care for your body, mind and spirit.  When going thru my own personal concerns I turned to natural health because I did not find relief any other way.  Being an advocate for the medical arena this was a new endeavor… which turned out to be a blessing!  I am healthier now then I can remember.  Releasing and Detoxing are very important tools to keep you vibrant, peaceful and healthy.

Happy Clients

“A year and a half ago I was an emotional wreck and physically drained. I was unable to sleep and eventually diagnosed with Hashimoto disease… After months of her counseling, cranial sessions and clinic visits I feel like a new person with a sense of wellbeing. I have a better sense of peace and calmness after each cranial session. Kelly is amazing!



 “I have received Cranial Sacral treatments a number of times from Kelly. I have left her office feeling more calm, peaceful and much more balanced…The bottom line is that Kelly is amazing at what she does and gets better and better every time I go!!”



“I started seeing Kelly in 2016. Her perspective and knowledge on healing the body from the inside out has completely changed my life. If you are willing to listen to Kelly’s feedback, acknowledge its importance and physically/mentally accept her guidance, your life will also be completely changed.”



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