Diversified Natural Health

Our Approach

Welcome to Diversified Natural Health where we look at the whole body including mind and spirit when testing and recommending supplementation. Its about the person you are on the inside that creates the experiences you will have… including your health. By using a variety of modalities a program is designed just for you and your concerns.

Our Story

With an interest in longevity, wellbeing and health I began to look for ways to assist my body in natural healing.  I believe there are ways to naturally live and care for your body, mind and spirit.  When going thru my own personal concerns I turned to natural health because I did not find relief any other way.  Being an advocate for the medical arena this was a new endeavor... which turned out to be a blessing!  I am healthier now then I can remember.  Releasing and Detoxing are very important tools to keep you vibrant, peaceful and healthy.


Healthy Choices...Healthy Lifestyle...Healthy Diet...Healthy Relationships

Clinical Assessment

Tools and Techniques

Testing provides an avenue to determine what is really going on inside and where.

Hearts Journey Meditations & Workshops

Within your heart is your truth.

Nutritional Support

What you eat, think and live affects you internally, there is no separation. Watch what you eat.

Next Steps...

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