The hook of the day…

Life is perfect in every moment!  What is happening in your life is perfect and exact.  Trying to change what is happening is part of the problem to not surrendering and only is a witness of your control in each situation!  

This is part of the justification that you are right or at least want to be right and the other person or situation is wrong.  We all want what is good and happy and if things aren’t… we are easy to blame others.  This is a mistake!!!  If things aren’t going your way then surrender to the moment!  

Each moment is perfect and exact!  

Things are exactly how they are suppose to be! They’re only there to show you what you are creating, creating for yourself.  You create what is in you… so if your experiencing something you do not like… stop blaming others, look inside and see what you are creating and change IT! 

Whats happening is no ones fault….theres no fault to be had.  Theres only responsibility for what you are doing and creating.  The best thing you can do is to surrender to the moment accepting the things as the way they are and know that they are only there because of what you hold within yourself!  

Be real in every moment!

These are gifts to us if we slow down, breath and accept reality. Accepting what is real in each and every moment.  This is only when you are able to see things for what they are and have the ability to change things if they are not satisfying.

The hook, Be Real!

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