The hook of the day…

Life is perfect in every moment!  What is happening in your life is perfect and exact.  Trying to change what is happening is part of the problem to not surrendering and only is a witness of your control in each situation!  

This is part of the justification that you are right or at least want to be right and the other person or situation is wrong.  We all want what is good and happy and if things aren’t… we are easy to blame others.  This is a mistake!!!  If things aren’t going your way then surrender to the moment!  

Each moment is perfect and exact!  

Things are exactly how they are suppose to be! They’re only there to show you what you are creating, creating for yourself.  You create what is in you… so if your experiencing something you do not like… stop blaming others, look inside and see what you are creating and change IT! 

Whats happening is no ones fault….theres no fault to be had.  Theres only responsibility for what you are doing and creating.  The best thing you can do is to surrender to the moment accepting the things as the way they are and know that they are only there because of what you hold within yourself!  

Be real in every moment!

These are gifts to us if we slow down, breath and accept reality. Accepting what is real in each and every moment.  This is only when you are able to see things for what they are and have the ability to change things if they are not satisfying.

The hook, Be Real!

The hook of the day…

Surrender to Love!  Yes the last blog was about Loving Yourself… but to do that, you need to surrender to Love!  Surrender all the anger, frustration, control, judgment, jealousy, competition, hatred etc. no matter how much you want to justify your reaction…surrender it.  It’s your reaction that matters!  It’s your reaction that can change things!  Your reaction is a mirror to what you are holding onto, what your all about!

Your reaction is the beginning to discovering what is really going on with YOU.  It is the catalyst to choosing the old way or a new way…Love.  A Love that in the end, will be compassionate and kind. Isn’t that what really matters??  Why is it so necessary to be right or to fight what you think is yours or think is right?  Does that really matter??

It doesn’t really matter! What this means is your only fighting with yourself! And do you really want to be doing this anymore?? When you realize that the only thing holding you back for receiving abundance, happiness or whatever it is that you want… lies within you and not outside of you…you realize its time to change!

Loving others and loving yourself!

The FIGHT is really happening inside you and you pull others into your fight!  Someone will be in your life to show you what’s going on, whether it be the current person or if you leave them and go onto the next person.. yet all the same program and process.

The blocks within are what is blocking things from happening for you not someone else in your way. Find the blocks, become aware of the patterns, acknowledge and accept the block and then most importantly, Surrender the block!

Blaming someone for your destiny and circumstances is a waste of time and quite honesty ignorant. The person your fighting with is purposely there to show you what you’re doing within!  That the fight with others, is really unnecessary and unproductive.

SO stop fighting the wrong fight!  The real fight is within you! Fighting for your own freedom of the pain that keeps repeating itself!  This pain will continue to repeat unless you take action and choose to be different in your reactions!

Reactions only perpetuate the same experiences over and over again. With or without the same persons.  To get off the roller coaster ride or jump off the wagon wheel you need to take action and stop the program from running!

So why not learn NOW!  Stop look at the situation, let go of control and surrender!

Surrender back to Love and let the flow begin!  Holding no importance on the reaction that was there and is now moving out! Holding no expectations on the outcome but wait with patience as things fall into a new place of LOVES reaction.

This is the new way to live! A life of joy and abundance, only created, by the love, joy and abundance that we have created for ourselves within.  We are that with what we are and if we have anger, frustration, jealousy, competition, control, hatred and judgment inside of us and in our reactions then that is what we are creating for ourselves and experiencing over and over again!

To change is to change what we allow in our bodies, in our fields and to take back what is rightfully and truthfully ours…Love.  To be this expression first and foremost!

The hook, Stop fighting!

The hook of the day…

Love yourself!  Love yourself to the ends of the earth and to the highest degree! Make this an ongoing learning for you on journey here in life.  Because and not only… The love you hold for yourself and to yourself… is the same love that you project out and see in others!

By loving yourself you see judgment etc. in each moment…and therefore having the freedom to choose in each moment… to allow it to move out and let love in!

To find true love is to love yourself wholeheartedly, without judgment, questioning or comparing.  It is here for everyone who wants it and my hope for you is that you do indeed want Love as I know you deeply do!

Here is a poem I wrote to sum things up quickly!

Love Withstanding

Love is Love
All abounding and true
Free from constriction
Free to Live

With all the bounty
Boundless it must be
For confining Love
Can be as fruitless as can be

For love is unending
It loves without wanting
Giving to all with no need
It’s free to express and just be

Why oh why how we want Love
Its here for all to have
Just be and listen
And it’s yours to Love

The love is waiting for you
Go deep within and be
Receive the Love you have
So you can be the Love you are

This love withstanding
Is here forevermore
Yours to grab, to be and have
Be this and this only…Love
                               By Kelly Kurek

To be Love is yours to have and all you have to do is grab it, be it and accept this truth!  You can choose daily what you want and that is to Love, I pray!  Be love in all your encounters and through all your journey.  This love is kindness and appreciation for all…unending and boundless.  It is for all… you just have to choose it!

Much blessing to you on your journey and much hope for you to find, grab and be Love!

The hook, Love is yours!

The hook of the day…
Breathe:)) Taking time to smell the roses and step back from your daily schedule to remember why you are there and what is really happening in the moment can be a relief. Each moment can be informative, taking you to a space of truth for yourself, if you take the time to breathe! Sometimes we get so caught of in our schedule of what to do or driving around thinking we need to get there sooner that we forget to breathe, relax and reflect!
It’s in the Journey where life… lives, not in the Destination!
We really have nowhere to go but to BE most of the time anyway.  If we listen to this fact we can take it slower and really live in each moment.  If we are being then we are directed and guided on where to go and have more stillness to move through life as needed.  We also will get to where we need to go with no hassles.
Its when we are busy we have hassles most of the time!
It is amazing when we take these moments to be quiet and breathe that we can get connected and receive what we need in the moment.  Either to release, slow down, do something different and be redirected in your schedule or to just get connected with you in the moment!  There is nothing in life greater then being present in each and every part of your day!
Usually it is the anxiety that is running and leading you into a busy schedule.  Because if you slowed down you would feel this anxiety and out of fear you would direct yourself to get busy again so you do not feel the anxiety anymore.  What you need to do in this moment is sit with your anxiety and know that it is not truth or really real.  That you may be feeling it in the moment but if you let it go and move out of your body it will go away.  You might have waves of the anxiety but over time it will completely release.
Knowing this fact about the anxiety… stops it from controlling you!
Right now your anxiety has full control of your actions…it will not allow you to be still or slow down which is more natural for you then living busy.  The fact that it is more normal for you to BE, be still can only be discovered once you go deeper within, let go of some of the anxiety and find a deeper place within yourself that is quiet and slower!
If you really take the time to focus on your breath, you will not be focusing on anything else.  It brings an immediate halt to anything that may have been going on.  Which is a good thing!  Most likely the race was going on!!!  Stillness was at bay and your mind was probably on alert and racing as well! 

Most of the time when you are busy… you are already thinking of the next thing you need to be doing.  Causing your self to continue to be busy!  This is not being in the moment:)
All this is made possible by breathing!  
If you take the time to breathe…noticing that you may be holding your breath as you race through life will cause you to slow down and reflect in the moment and your breathe will help release anything that may be on the surface.  You will also be more aware of your mind…if it is racing, where it is leading you next and see that it to needs to slow down!
It can be amazing to see what is going on within you once you slow down enough to really be quiet and still.  First off you will be more in the moment when you are driving which is a good thing! But it also puts you in the moment of each breath of your life!  What more can each of us ask for… then to really be present with each moment and to breath, let go and live?

The hook, Breathing slows you down!

The hook of the day…

Truth is the correct response! Being truthful is the best thing you can do, not only for others, but is more for your self.  Truthfulness is very important for each one of us!  This will be very rewarding when you start to realize and discover truth about yourself and be truthful in all responses and interactions.

Being truthful is the answer!

Lies keep you stuck in a story and in a repetitive elaboration of continuing the story.  This is true if its only to yourself or if it’s to others!  There’s no way out of a lie until you tell the truth.  The truth will set you free…a true statement because once you lie you are kept captive by yourself with haunting quilt and messages that something is wrong.

Most of the time we would like to just forget or ignore what is there and not be truthful with what is real.  Thinking…What’s wrong with a little white lie?? OR Sometimes lies are better for others because if they knew what really happened it would really hurt them. Or if its to yourself its hard for you to face important facts about yourself to change. BUT it is important to be real… to be truthful! Looking at yourself truthfully is a reflection out into the world and how you relate to it as well.

If you lie out into the world, you most likely are lying to yourself and vice versa!

Usually and most accurately being truthful first starts with you and then projects outward.  We are the creators of our experiences and life… so if there are lies in your life take a look at what you’re NOT looking at within.  There must be something there!  And then take action to clear up the lie and recognize when you find yourself in the position of doing another lie.  Watch what its about and what’s there and why you find yourself lying again.

Lying is like judgement…judgement upon yourself!  When you are not truthful you are not liking what you might find underneath within yourself, so you have to lie about it and the things in your life. I guess you can call it a cover story…for instance…

Sometimes we lie to make ourselves feel better and to hide from what is really REAL. Telling stories and creating things that are not truthful for yourself but what you might like to see and do. This can go on and on.  You could create a whole life around something that is not truthful for yourself and therefore creating lies because what you are creating sounds better to you!

Its time to get REAL and TRUTHFUL!

Eventually this needs to come to an end and truth needs to come out. Being real and finding what is your truth is the best answer.  To really discover what is there and what you are about underneath the lies and dishonesty. Because you are ultimately lying to yourself if you find yourself telling lies in your life!

The hook, Be Honestly Real!

The hook of the day…

Relief from Mind Chatter!  What, what’s mind chatter?:) You know those dialogues in your head telling you to do this and that or the annoying statements that get repeated! This is something I think everyone struggles from to some extend and is worse for others.  If we didn’t have mind chatter on the planet it would be a more peaceful place collectively to reside then it is right now.  Our own mind chatter creates chaos leading to less peace!

Yes… we ourselves and I create the non peaceful environment for ourselves and for others on the planet by the perpetual mind chatter.  And to stop it you have to be vigilant and persistent to not let it run, practice chi gong and other disciplines that encourage stillness. One cannot just wish it away, but take responsibility for the action and choose to stop.  It may take some time to reprogram yourself but stick with it, it will get better.

Its tough sometimes to deal with because as you clear off the layers you will find the repeat processes of clearing off the same stuff just on a deeper level until it completely shifts. So one can clear off 10 layers or more before it completely changes! Hang in there because the goal is to bring you into a new level of awareness and living on the planet…one without chatter, chaos and worry!  You will be living from a higher perspective, a higher level of creation ultimately where mind chatter doesn’t exist! It is completely possible to live without all the chaos and mind chatter…a true fact.

You have to be ready to change and done with the mind running all the time!

Usually what I have seen is that it is first FEAR that comes up to clear and if the fear isn’t caught… then the mind tries to figure it out or creates worry and analytical behaviors.  These worry episodes and analytical tendencies can go on and on!  You may also find yourself drawing others into your party of worry and trying to figure something out, calling whom ever will listen to you!  This usually makes things worse because really what needs to happen is surrender!  Surrender the whole behavior pattern.:)  It can take some time to get that point!  Because ultimately this pattern lives on a lower level of consciousness and one cannot rise out of it until you realize this fact!  So coming out of fear is again important because…it usually is what drives the mind chatter!

Another key point is that the mind functions on habits and will repeat itself over and over again.  You may find yourself asking, ” why am I doing this again?” or “didn’t I surrender this already?”.  Will you probably did but the mind isn’t smart when it comes to constructive thinking.  It is habitual and repeats patterns and thats all it does! Think about neurolinguistic programming.  The mind or brain has neurological pathways, you know all the grooves in your brain, they are pathways of behavioral patterns, mind chatter etc.!  To break these you have to stop yourself and reprogram by doing a different action immediately… to replace it, of course picking a healthier option of replacement!!  If you have been doing the same thing for some time be patient with yourself! This may have to be done over and over again.

Again, hang in there…you are on your way to a peaceful state with less chaos and collectively you are changing things here on the planet.

This is truly a different way of living on the planet.  It is much more peaceful, connected and fulfilling.  It doesn’t have all the fear based programs that involve worry, panic, anxiety, etc. but it does have a knowing that overrides all fear, an awareness that abates worry and anxiety and a connection that is directed by your heart.  This higher level of consciousness without mind chatter is a way of listening and connecting that cuts these old patterns, programs and chaos right out of your life.  These old ways cannot go with you to this higher consciousness!

Everything works together… as you go through the process and surrender, you are changing your ways and reprogramming yourself.  As you stop the old ways… the new consciousness is coming in to show you a different way of living here.  A much more peaceful way:)

Healing hook, choose peace and be patient:)

The hook of the day…

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real! Remember this fact about fear as you travel through your journey in life.  It’s very easy to fall into the traps of fear that spiral into old behavior patterns and into mind chatter scurrying around to try to find a way out of the fear! But all we need to do and remember is that… Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real and then… let the whole thought go!!!

Might sound easier said then done BUT it is possible and easier then you think. And this is so if you remember that it is true and real that you do not have to live in fear!  That fear is just an illusion and you have bought into it!  There’s a book I read way back when that helps to define fear and how unnecessary it is to believe in and to live it!  The book is called, FEAR No Longer Afraid by June Hunt.  If you find yourself battling with fear it is definitely worth the read. Its a very short easy book to read!

The other factor that will be helpful while coming out of a fear based life is to BE STILL!  This will help you to see what is REAL and to get DIRECTIVES and to SURRENDER what is FALSE.  When we are too busy… the mind will go and spin you into a doing… this will keep you busy and not focused on what is real but distracting you from what is real! This is important to do when you are shifting in this manner!  You have to be still.

Coming out of fear is about looking at it from a place of NO FEAR!  In other words stay neutral and go into the areas in your life that are fearful and process them to a place where there is NO MORE FEAR!  This will happen over and over again until it completely shifts.  So try not to get discouraged if you find more fear there.  But each time you come across fear let it go until it is gone!  Going into fear isn’t as bad as it seems because once you go there you see what it truly is about and that it is FALSE!

The opposite of FEAR is LOVE!  Why not choose love? Switch your thoughts and process to LOVE and choose it in your daily life as you are processing through all the FEAR based programs that have been created over time!  You can choose in any given moment what you want to live!  And if you fall into the traps of Fear based living you will create more of it for yourself!! If you choose love you are on the path of releasing all the Fear based patterns and into living the life that creates more experiences of Love based programs!  You can do this!! It is possible to come out of Fear based living!  Do it you won’t be sorry:)

Healing Hook, Why not choose LOVE?

The hook of the day…

You are not alone!  Feeling lost can be a very common feeling of uneasiness.  It can be unnerving when we feel lost or unloved.  This can cause us to create many lessons for ourselves. If we think we are alone we tend to look outside ourselves for an understanding and ways to feel loved and nurtured.

What are your behavior patterns telling you?

What we tend to do is set up a series of patterns and behaviors to create not feeling alone.  They can stem from many different avenues and creations and depends on the individual and their situation. Each of us being unique and individualistic in our perspectives and visions of how things shall be… we will create an equally individualistic behavior pattern to not feel alone!

The good news is we are not alone ever!

It is best to not look outwards in any circumstance or situation.  By doing this we continue to be on a life path of lessons and consequences.  We won’t be able to see the situation for what it is and we continue to create the same behavior.  Sometimes making things worse by creating more density with the same behavior or worse yet creating more patterns on top of each other!

Once you realize this one clear fact that you are not alone it can be life changing.

But if we go within ourselves we find truth and understanding and realize we are not alone.  In fact, what we are looking for will be answered.  We will discover the patterns that are keeping us stuck in feeling lonely.  Sometimes these patterns can be intertwined and confusing but are well worth investigating and letting them go!

What we really do is live outwards but what we need to do is live inwards!! That truly is the answer!

Going within to see what is there you realize that your guides, self and support group are all there for you!  More so then you would ever think! This is where we truly find fulfillment and happiness.  This is where we do not feel lonely!  This is where you will feel whole!

Again this is where we do NOT feel lonely!!  By realizing you found yourself!!!

You can NEVER SATISFY yourself completely by looking outwards.  You may for a moment but then the feeling of loneliness reappears!  The only way to truly NOT feel lonely is to go within and realize you were cared for all along… you were just looking in all the wrong places!  And worse yet creating ways to feel whole, loved and NOT lonely! And therefore staying in patterns of loneliness!

You are your own answer to not being lonely!

Reconnection with self is the answer and no other way will get you feeling loved and not lonely. It is this fact only, that we are not connected to ourselves, that we feel lonely.  When not connected it sends you on a tailspin looking for ways to feel full and whole and not lonely!  Looking any other place then within, only creates more patterns, circumstances and lessons:)

The hook, change your perspective on loneliness!

Hook of the day…

Staying Positive!  Its important to look at things with optimism and opportunity.  Keep focused on the goodness in your life and walk through the trials and tribulations without letting them get you down. Instead remember you are more then that situation and see what there is to learn in the circumstance and live embracing life!

If you do not LOVE yourself, then you will feel inadequacy, hatred, jealousy and a host of other emotions!

Once we fall into the doom and gloom that is what you start to create!  And soon thereafter you will once again experience the same emotions and circumstances maybe a different situation but same story! So if you want abundance joy happiness and grace be good to yourself, stay positive, treat yourself well.  Mostly watch the dialogues in your mind and actions you take when things get rough and overwhelming.

We are not always going to have a great day and things move smoothly and gracefully but we can choose how to treat others and react to any situation and circumstance.  It is always best to BE KIND. Walking through what is in front of you with peace, you can experience what is in front of you observing and learning everything there is to learn.

We are only here to journey through lessons and experiences so why not embrace them!

This isn’t always an easy task but well worth the fight to no longer believe in the dialogues that tell you are no good, make you feel inadequate and definitely are not motivating.  They keep you from feeling like you can do anything, show you how others are better then you and reconfirm things are never going to change!

But when this type of behavior starts and you stay positive, do things that are uplifting and stop the dialogues in your mind as soon as you hear them… you can get through this part of your life and move on to bigger and better things.  Start to create a new path for yourself full of joy happiness and bliss.  Things you couldn’t imagine! Better then ever imagine! Because this is what we are to be, we are to be everything that we can possibly be in our highest good! This is available to everyone, you just have to take action and stay positive!

Love yourself first and foremost and welcome those who love you too!

ONLY you can do this for yourself!  Of course support from others is nice and helpful but for this to truly and successfully work for yourself you need to do this within for yourself only!! You are the creator of your experiences remember this fact! If you do not like the dialogues in your mind, a situation or circumstance… take the necessary actions to make things better… you can start by being positive and treating yourself well!

The hook, pick yourself up!

Kelly Kurek
Diversified Natural Health

The hook of the day…

Live your life! When we let fear get in the way of completely and fully living your lives we stand in the way of possibilities, your life path, creation and create STAGNICITY.  Stagnicity of life seems to create in the lymphatic system where there is literally no movement and sometimes complete shutdown! No flow what so ever within the fluid system of the body! This means a system back up in the kidneys and liver. When detoxing this out you will want to support and supplement the areas where your body is being affected.  This will be different for everyone but usually the kidney and lymphatic system would be helpful detoxes.

When this happens you need to find someone who knows how to do lymphatic drainage sessions! Go to these appointments regularly! You will find when you go, the whole body flows and starts moving and this shows up in your world as well.  You will find yourself venturing into areas that used to only live in the dreams of your mind! You will start to see these thoughts actually creating in the world, in your life! How amazing is that:)

You can determine if you have stagnicity if you find that you have a hard time motivating yourself and hear dialoguing around not wanting to do anything and feeling like your dragging an anchor as you try to do something.  My advice would be to do whatever you can to get moving and stay moving… allowing this stagnicity to break up and dissipate.  It will happen over time as you process through all the fear and emotions that were keeping you stuck there in the first place!

When you are living… it is a beautiful thing! You are experiencing and traveling down the path of discovery and excitement.  You learn more about yourself, you meet new people, you build your own resources, you become stronger and more confident and you actually start believing in your self again deep deep down within!

Not living is like death!  There is NO LIFE but usually drinking, shopping, arguing, blaming and literally no excitement! It is what some may call HELL. There is disappointment, despair, torment and alike.  You create more disappointment, despair etc. for yourself because usually you feel no way out and your thoughts start creating more of the same experiences.

Noticing that your thoughts create your experiences is huge.  When those who focus on success, confidence and bliss they continually create MORE OF this for themselves.  When you create thoughts from fear you live these emotions and experiences and they can be really stagnating.  There is no life there, REALLY! Its like your dragging through life waiting for the next day. Drudging and complaining and hoping it gets better!

So why not take the plunge, the first step to moving again… if you find that your in a stagnant place. Call and make your lymphatic drainage appt. get things moving physically and process through all those thoughts, actions and disappointments that you continually repeat in your mind and free yourself up to once again live.  Live your life fully, completely and blissfully.

We will have disappointments even in life as we are living, but we will have a different perspective on them and move on!  We will be able to stay detached while riding the wave of the emotion process, moving through it quickly and stay focused on believing, truth and living!

The hook, LIVE!

Kelly Kurek
Diversified Natural Health