“A year and a half ago I was an emotional wreck and physically drained. I was unable to sleep and eventually diagnosed with Hashimoto disease. I saw multiple doctors that prescribed different medications that didn’t address the issues. Two months later I started seeing Kelly. After months of her counseling, cranial sessions and clinic visits I feel like a new person with a sense of wellbeing. I have a better sense of peace and calmness after each cranial session. Kelly is amazing!



 “I have received Craniosacral treatments a number of times from Kelly. I have left her office feeling more calm, peaceful and much more balanced. I have also had the pleasure of being tested on the EDA machine which checks your body for certain deficiencies and recommends supplements to help bring your body back into balance. The bottom line is that Kelly is amazing at what she does and gets better and better every time I go!!”



“I started seeing Kelly in 2016. Her perspective and knowledge on healing the body from the inside out has completely changed my life. If you are willing to listen to Kelly’s feedback, acknowledge its importance and physically/mentally accept her guidance, your life will also be completely changed.

Kelly has helped me with my depression, and am now medication free since 2016. Has cured my once 9 month old with constipation issues. Cured my chronic neck and back pain. Gotten rid of fungal issues causing breakouts in my skin and embarrassing enough yes, toenail fungus. Has helped my daughters chronic nose bleeds and stomach issues. The list goes on. A visit with Kelly is fun, serious, and deep. Eternally grateful for her and her passion to help others.”



“I have been seeing Kelly on and off for Cranial Sacral treatments for over the past five years. What she has opened up for me in these past years has been nothing short of incredible. I first started seeing Kelly for severe anxiety attacks. Through her treatments I have been able to let go of many mental/physical restrictions I wasn’t even aware were holding me back. With Kelly’s support I have been able to rebuild my self-confidence and trust. This has not only benefited me but also my loved ones around me. For that I am forever grateful for Kelly. I will continue my treatments as long as possible because it has become part of my self love ritual. Thank you Kelly always!



“In September, I started seeing Kelly Kurek for anxiety, insomnia and premenopausal hormonal issues. Since then, I have gotten off the Xanax I was on for 9 years. My periods are not the monthly burden they used to be with migraines, cystic acne, cramping, and heavy bleeding. I have cleaned up my diet and lost 15 pounds. I am still a work-in-progress but feel so much better.”



“For many years we have turned to Kelly for her expertise with homeopathic/naturopathic healing methods to treat our various health needs. We trust Kelly’s recommendations and have been successful following them. As health care professionals, my husband and I love this complement to conventional medicine and utilize Kelly’s services on an ongoing basis.”



“I have been a patient of Kelly’s for over 12 years. During that time she has treated me with Cranial-sacral, Reiki and supplements. On different occasions, her Cranial-sacral treatments have snapped my jaw back into the socket and have lowered my pallet. Kelly’s treatments helped me get through a severe health crisis where traditional medicine was ineffective. Her treatments were complimentary with chiropractic and naturopathic. I have participated in many of Kelly’s group meditations which I found to be grounding and greatly beneficial.”



“I’ve seen a huge shift in my daughter with her separation anxiety after her cranial session. She’s been having a much easier time when I go places and also she went to Sunday school twice (this is the first time ever). The second time she said she wasn’t even worried and didn’t need her bachflowers!!”



“My eyelashes and eyebrows are growing back in! They were so sparse for a while. Also the Cortex is amazing. It gives me such a boost. I just want to say thank you for helping me through this journey. I’m starting to feel a lot better. It’s really really wonderful!”



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